Roche Hitachi 917

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Roche Hitachi 917

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: Hitachi 917
Product Code: ROCHE-HITACHI-917

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Automated Roche Hitachi 917 Immunoassay System

Block Scientific offers the most complete line of new and refurbished laboratory equipment for use in any lab facility. Roche Hitachi 917 is a fully automated, discrete, computerized immunoassay system that allows for flexible and efficient operation 24 hours a day.

Roche Diagnostics’ Hitachi 917 is the best choice for conducting quantitative and qualitative in vitro analysis of a wide range of chemical substances in blood and other body fluids. Mainly, the Roche chemistry analyzer consists of an analytical unit and the control unit. While the control unit includes CPU, keyboard, monitor, and printer, the analytical unit is with ISE and photometric measuring systems.

Capabilities of

Roche Hitachi 917

Roche Hitachi 917 offers several broad capabilities including sample bar code capability, optional sample rack transport and reagent bar code capability, automated rerun capability, automatic calibration notification, automatic sample blanking, automatic dilution and automatic rerun.

The throughput rate is 800 tests/hr for photometrics, 600 tests/hr for ISEs, and 1200 tests/hr for photometrics and ISEs. Hitachi 917 has reagent storage for 90 refrigerated containers and refrigerated storage of calibrators and QC samples. Options include disc with 110 positions for routine, stat and QC samples and rack system with 10 stat positions.

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