Roche Hitachi 912

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Roche Hitachi 912

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: Hitachi 912
Product Code: ROCHE-HITACHI-912

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Block Scientific is a U.S. based laboratory equipment supplier offering a comprehensive range of both new and re-certified devices from leading manufacturers. The Roche Hitachi 912 is a fully automated, distinct and computerized system offering reliable performance and accurate results. This analyzer from Roche Diagnostics is equipped with standardized technology and delivers consistent patient results throughout your health care system. It features automated sample handling with about 70 positions for routine, STAT and QC samples with 2-35 ml sample volumes. The product can consolidate multiple sample types including serum, plasma, urine and spinal fluid.

Roche Hitachi 912

– Exceptional Performance

This quality chemistry analyzer model processes up to 720 tests per hour from a broad test menu of greater than 100 assays. Hitachi 912 features online, software which can store up to 10,000 patient results and 5,000 QC tests. This extremely flexible system can function in both standard and special clinical settings.

A simple and compact design created with user friendly features allows the users to operate the equipment in an easy and convenient manner. Operator interaction is mainly by touch-screen, mouse or keyboard.

Block Scientific offers the Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer refurbished with a 90 – day parts warranty.

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