Roche Hitachi 911

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Roche Hitachi 911

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: Hitachi 911
Product Code: ROCHE-HITACHI-911

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Roche Hitachi 911 is a computerized chemistry analyzer supplied by Block Scientific. It uses plasma, serum, urine, and CSF sample types to execute in qualitative and vitro quantitative determination on a broad range of analysts.

Roche Hitachi 911 – A Fully chemsitry Automated Analyzer

Hitachi 911, from Roche Diagnostic Systems, is a fully automated, discrete analyzer comprising two units: control unit and analytical unit. Control unit is composed of a keyboard, a monitor (CRT), and a printer. The analytical unit involves a photometric measuring system, an ISE System and a CPU.

Roche Hitachi 911 is a complete system with probes, manuals and waste outlet. It is capable of performing both potentiometric and photometric assays. For photometric assays, it has a throughput capacity of 360 tests per hour. Its ISE module, with a throughput of 760 tests per hour, allows the automatic calibration of sodium, potassium and chloride levels.

Additional Features Include

  • 46 programmable tests
  • STAT testing capability
  • Monochromatic, bi-chromatic, endpoint and kinetic assay types
  • Sampling rate: One in every 20 seconds for ISE, one in every 10 seconds for photometric chemistries
  • Refrigerated storage for 64 reagent containers
  • Reagent dispense volume is 25 – 350 mL per
  • Total reaction volume per test is 250 – 500 mL

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