Roche Cobas Mira S

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Roche Cobas Mira S

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: Cobas Mira S

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Roche Cobas Mira S – A Fully Selective Analyzer

Block Scientific is the right destination when you wish to purchase new or refurbished laboratory equipment. Here, we have in stock a wide range of excellent and quality laboratory equipment from all top makers. Roche Cobas Mira S – from Roche Diagnostics – is a fully selective analyzer designed with maximum program flexibility to meet the individual needs of any lab facility from patient selective profiles to STAT and routine batch analysis.

Roche Cobas Mira S that sets the standard for consistent performance possesses specifications similar to that of Mira Plus CC, excluding that of the primary tube sampling. By combining all aspects of convenience, reliability, and flexibility, the analyzer is adequate for measuring routine profiles, TDM’s, drugs of abuse, STATs, electrolytes, and special chemistries.

Features of Cobas Mira S System

The features of Cobas Mira S include optional ISE module for sodium, potassium and chloride determinations, direct sampling capability, microprocessor controlled XYZ pipetting system, 104 test channels including 26 for profiles and 26 for ratio calculation, and capacity to hold 4000 patient results.

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