Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC

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Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: Cobas Mira Plus CC

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Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC is the ideal choice if you are looking for a chemistry analyzer that offers trouble-free operation. Block Scientific – one of the major suppliers of new and refurbished laboratory equipment – is the great source if you would like to buy this instrument.

Flexible and Convenient Roche Chemistry Analyzer

Cobas Mira Plus CC is a flexible and convenient chemistry analyzer developed by Roche Diagnostics Systems. It can perform special chemistries, tests for drugs of abuse, electrolytes, TDM’s, and routine profiles in an effective and accurate manner. Random-access testing flexibility, extensive list of test menu including STAT capability, and reagent capacity up to 33 reagents are the features of the Cobas Mira Plus CC.

Laboratory Information System (LIS) options allow you to receive the test results in the format of your choice. The Roche chemistry analyzer can conduct 132 tests per hour and with an ISE module up to 204 tests per hour.

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