Roche Cobas Mira

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Roche Cobas Mira

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: Cobas Mira

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Roche Cobas Mira is a product from Roche Diagnostics, distributed by Block Scientific – a market leader in providing the finest new and refurbished medical equipment. Roche Cobas Mira, introduced in1984, is a random access chemistry analyzer that offers selective analysis for multiple chemistries, providing routine and STAT tests.

Features of the

Roche Cobas Mira Analyzer

Roche Cobas Mira offers increased convenience, reliability, and flexibility with excellent assay performance. It comes packed with many added capabilities and convenient features. Features of the Roche Cobas Mira include microprocessor controlled XYZ pipetting system, simple rack handling, security system for laboratory-defined parameters, and 104 test channels including 23 preprogrammed methods. The analyzer also includes an optional ISE module for measuring the determination of potassium, sodium and chloride concentrations.

An Excellent Solution for Laboratory Settings

The bench top system has the capability of performing a maximum of140 tests per hour and can provide accurate results within minutes. Its ability to store 2100 patient results, and the capability for 72 cuvettes (six 12 cuvette segments), cuvette volume of 150-600µL, and an analysis interval of 25 seconds has made it the most valued equipment and an excellent solution in any of today’s laboratory settings.

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