Roche 9180 Electrolyte Analyzer

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Roche 9180 Electrolyte Analyzer

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: Roche 9180
Product Code: AVL-9180

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AVL 9180 offered at Block Scientific, is an electrolyte analysis system from Roche Diagnostics. AVL – the original manufacturer of this electrolyte analyzer – is now acquired by Roche Diagnostics. Roche 9180 is a small system intended for use in various health care centers, physician office lab settings, and point of care units.

AVL 9180 for Performing Electrolytic Analysis

Roche AVL 9180 is the best solution for performing electrolytic analysis from whole blood as well as plasma, urine dialysate, serum or aqueous standards. This medical instrument is easy to use and provide fast sample analysis. It has the capability to provide accurate, and yet consistent results within one minute. This instrument’s enhanced microprocessor-based technology and easy to use design provides top performance and operational flexibility. Quick change of analyte, user friendliness, flexibility, and low maintenance are other important features that can be attained with the use of Roche Analyzer.
Roche 9180 includes a test panel, cuvette holder for 18 positions, cassette system (SnapPak), and maintenance free electrodes, which improve user friendliness feature of the instrument. Seven different interchangeable electrolyte configurations are offered by this instrument to fulfill your specific testing needs.

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