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revelation iii-a din achro. binocular, led

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revelation iii-a din achro. binocular, led
  1. lw scientific
  2. r3m-bn4a-dal3

block scientific, a trusted source of quality laboratory equipment, has an extensive line of lw scientific laboratory microscopes known for their reliability, durability and quality. the revelation iii-a din achro. binocular is a high performance medical microscope in this collection.

featuring din plan optics, this new lw scientific medical microscope comes with a 30-year anti-fungal coating. it is ideal for use in physician and veterinarian clinics as well as in medical schools and universities.

specifications of

revelation iii-a din achro binocular


  • binocular (seidentopf)
  • rotates 360°, inclined 30°
  • monocular, dual binocular, trinocular, and sliding heads at 45°
  • interpupillary distance range 55-75mm
  • diopter adjustment
  • 10x/18 wide field eyepieces


  • din achromatic or din plan
  • anti-fungal coating of 30 years
  • 10x, 40x, 4x, 100xr (oil)
  • parcentric, parfocal, color-coded


  • quadruple nosepiece (forward-facing)
  • ball bearing mounted (multiple)


  • mechanical stage (140mm x 140mm)
  • traverse range of 73mm x 43mm
  • stage locking lever
  • coaxial drive controls
  • hydraulic slide finger (slow-close)


  • moveable abbe condenser
  • iris diaphragm
  • na 1.25, rack & pinion
  • 110v/220v electronics (switching possible)
  • battery input of 12v dc
  • variable led light source
  • variable halogen light source


  • coarse adjustment: range of 30mm
  • tension control knob
  • fine adjustment: graduation of 2µm

this microscope also comes with several accessories in product package including a manual and warranty card.

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