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Refrigerators and Freezers

Whether you require a cooling unit for your hotel, school, office or health department or for a laboratory application, Block Scientific is the company you can trust. We have an extensive variety of superior, reliable refrigerators and freezers. Located in Bellport, New York and with over three decades of experience behind it, Block Scientific offers many categories of new and refurbished laboratory equipment.



and Freezers to Suit Varied Requirements

Our quality solutions incorporate equipment from well-known manufacturers such as Summit Appliances, Veracity Group and So-Low Environmental Equipment Co. You can choose from compact, cube sized, built-in, counter-height, undercounter and large capacity models of different capacities and temperatures. In addition to models which are purely refrigerators or purely freezers, we have models which combine both. Each of the models has impressive features and based on your requirement, we can offer you a suitable model.

With our general purpose models, you can ensure that your fruits and vegetables, other fresh food items and processed foods remain fresh and spoilage-free for longer. Our laboratory refrigerators and laboratory freezers are ideal to protect reagents, critical samples, and vaccines or store flammable materials safely.

Models We Offer

The following are just some of the models of refrigerators and freezers we provide:

  • Summit FF6-BISSHH Built-in Refrigerator
  • Summit FC46 Freezer
  • Summit FF41WL Auto-Defrost Refrigerator-Freezer
  • VersaFridge Undercounter Refrigerator, 2 wire shelves, one 1.5-inch drawer, one 4-inch drawer by Veracity Group
  • 24 Cubic Ft Manual Defrost Solid Door Freezers by So-Low Environmental Equipment Co.
  • 24 Cubic Ft Manual Defrost Solid Door Freezers by So-Low Environmental Equipment Co.
  • 24 Cubic Ft Glass Door Auto Defrost Refrigerators by So-Low Environmental Equipment Co.
  • 900 Plus MHz Digital Temp/Humidity Ext Trans. (W/ Probe) by Veracity Group

Being a leading laboratory equipment supplier, we replenish our supply often and that helps us ensure immediate availability. Our prices are very competitive and we can beat any advertised price tag.

To Know More

To know more about any of our refrigerators and freezers, dial 631-589-1118 or email your queries to