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refractometer – specific gravity in urine / total protein in serum

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refractometer - specific gravity in urine / total protein in serum
  1. lw scientific
  2. ctl-refm-prsg

a reputable new york based supplier of lab equipment and related products, block scientific offers a wide range of advanced instruments for medical and scientific lab applications. the lw scientific refractometer allows accurate and immediate quantitative measurement of specific gravity and protein determinations in bodily fluids.

features of the

lw scientific refractometer

the numerical scales can be easily read via the eyepiece. the optical focus system and rubber grip facilitate easy viewing in any environment. even when sample temperatures vary, automatic temperature compensation allows for instant results adding to the performance stability.

technical specifications

total protein/specific gravity:

  • total protein in serum range: 0 to 12 g/dl resolution: 0.2 g/dl
  • specific gravity in urine range: 1.00 to 1.05 sg resolution: 0.002 sg

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for more information on the lw scientific refractometer or other new arrivals we offer, call 631-589-1118 or write to visit our online store to check out our extensive collection of competitively priced laboratory equipment.