Randox ALK. PHOS. (Liquid) Reagent

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Randox ALK. PHOS. (Liquid) Reagent

Manufacturer: Randox
Model: Randox ALK. PHOS. (Liquid) Reagent
Product Code: AP7927

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Block Scientific, a leading laboratory equipment supplier, offers a wide range of quality lab instruments and associated reagents. We offer the Randox ALK. PHOS. (Liquid) Reagent for Roche Cobas Mira. This alkaline phosphatase chemistry reagent by leading clinical diagnostic solutions provider Randox Laboratories offers accurate and reliable results.

Features of the

Randox ALK. PHOS. Reagent

  • Liquid reagent
  • Stable to expiry when stored at 2-8 C
  • Measuring range 18 – 843 U/L

Technical Specifications

  • Catalog Number: AP7927
  • Description: ALK. PHOS. (Liquid)
  • Method: AMP
  • Size: R1 5×100, R2 5×20
  • Number of Tests per package: 3330

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For more information on the Randox ALK. PHOS. (Liquid) Reagent or other Randox/Roche Cobas Mira Reagents we offer, call 1-866-203-5777 (Toll Free) or 631-589-1118. You can also contact our friendly support staff by e-mail: info@blockscientific.com. Visit our online store to choose a product and place an order.