Radiometer OSM-3 Co-Oximeter

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Radiometer OSM-3 Co-Oximeter

Manufacturer: Radiometer
Model: OSM-3
Product Code: RADIOMETER-OSM-3

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Block Scientific, based in New York, United States, is your source for new and refurbished lab equipment. For years, we have been serving the healthcare industry and the medical community with high quality and affordable laboratory equipment including chemistry analyzers, co-Oximeter, coagulation system, hematology analyzer, centrifuge, blood gas analyzer, and more.

OSM-3 Hemoximeter

OSM-3, a Radiometer manufactured hemoximeter, is intended for the photometric determination of hemoglobin. Using a small sample of 35ul, the Radiometer OSM-3 hemoximeter is capable of measuring 6 parameters such as sO2, ctHb, FO2Hb, FCOHb, FMetHb, and FHHb. It is extremely easy to operate and can record accurate test results in 20 seconds.

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