phoenix diagnostics radiometer linearity controls

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phoenix diagnostics radiometer linearity controls
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block scientific, a leading lab equipment supplier in new york offers an advanced product line of replacement reagents, calibrators, quality controls, and consumables. radiometer linearity controls from phoenix diagnostics monitor the performance of radiometer equipment in the measurement of hemoglobin, saturated hemoglobin, carboxy hemoglobin and methemoglobin.

this linearity test set helps clinicians in

  • documentation of instrumentation linearity
  • calibration verification, and
  • linear range verification
advanced features of the

radiometer linearity test set

  • matrix: dye
  • analytes: thb, hbo2, hbo2sat, hbco, met, o2ct
  • phoenix pkg: 5x1x2ml
  • configuration: 5x3x1ml
  • oem pkg: 5x1x2ml
  • storage: 20° c (room temperature)

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