Radiometer ABL 720 Blood Gas Analyzer

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Radiometer ABL 720 Blood Gas Analyzer

Manufacturer: Radiometer
Model: ABL 720
Product Code: RADIOMETER-ABL-720

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Radiometer ABL 720

for Medical Laboratories

Radiometer ABL 720 is a powerful device excellent for use in any healthcare STAT test environments such as near the patient, at alternate sites, or in the blood gas lab. It is best suited for determining pH and blood gas values.

Remarkable Features

In addition, customer specified combination of co-oximetry, electrolytes and metabolites can also be measured. The remarkable features of the Radiometer ABL 720 blood gas analyzer are: minimal maintenance, maximum QC with minimal effort, interference free measurements, modular design, and state-of-the-art technology featuring large, color touch screen with icons and an integrated video.

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