Radiometer ABL 5 Blood Gas Analyzer

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Radiometer ABL 5 Blood Gas Analyzer

Manufacturer: Radiometer
Model: ABL 5
Product Code: RADIOMETER-ABL-5

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Block Scientific has gained wide recognition as a leading supplier specializing in lab equipment and supplies. Here, we carry a large inventory of laboratory equipment for sale – all from renowned manufacturers in the industry. The ABL 5 is a powerful equipment, which is capable of fulfilling your basic critical care testing needs. Manufactured by Radiometer, this instrument can conduct pH, pCO2 and pO2 assays on 85 µL whole-blood sample.

Radiometer ABL 5

– An Affordable Option

The Radiometer ABL 5 is an affordable option for units and practices running few tests per day. The analyzer, having a standby function, offers high reliability and stability. Radiometer’s ABL 5 blood gas analyzer features easy sample introduction, intuitive user interface, simple replacement of solutions and requires only minimum maintenance.

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