Drucker Diagnostics QBC STAR Printer Paper

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Drucker Diagnostics QBC STAR Printer Paper

Manufacturer: Drucker Diagnostics
Model: QBC STAR Printer Paper
Product Code: 429580

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Block Scientific, the leading lab equipment supplier in New York, offers QBC STAR Printer Paper for printing patient results on the QBC STAR Centrifugal Hematology System. The QBC Star Hematology Analyzer is an easy-to-use complete blood count analyzer designed to bring CBCs to the point of care.

STAR Printer Paper

for CBC Printout Results

Results are automatically printed by the internal thermal printer onto this 2.25-inch paper tape. The paper should be turned to the thermal side and should run under the roll before feeding through the roller. One package contains three rolls.

  • Dimension: 2 1/4″W x 85´L roll
  • Package: 3 rolls

Block Scientific also carries a wide range of other products for use with QBC STAR hematology analyzers such as STAR tubes, hematology controls, blade lancets, carrying case and line cords.

For more information about this Drucker Diagnostics QBC STAR Printer Paper or other QBC Star Hematology Analyzers we offer, visit our online store. For purchase related queries, dial 631-589-1118 or e-mail at info@blockscientific.com.