Drucker Diagnostics QBC Malaria Test (Box of 100)

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Drucker Diagnostics QBC Malaria Test (Box of 100)

Manufacturer: Drucker Diagnostics
Model: QBC Malaria Test (Box of 100)
Product Code: 253037

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Block Scientific is a reliable laboratory equipment supplier based in New York. Our inventory includes new and refurbished supplies from such leading manufacturers as Abbott, Baxter, Olympus, Drucker Diagnostics, Bayer, Ohaus and Advanced. If you are looking to purchase the QBC Malaria Test (Box of 100), you have arrived at the right place.

QBC Malaria Test Kits

– Easy, Sensitive Malaria Detection

The test kits are capillary tubes with a coating of anticoagulants and acridine orange dye utilized for the staining of malaria parasites. The staining enables easy detection of these parasites when they are excited using blue light (fluorescence microscopy). The parasites fluoresce brilliantly against a dark background. The kits contain 10 separate trays of 10 tests each along with precision plastic floats and closures.

Compared to Giemsa thick films, the QBC malaria test has increased sensitivity (5.5 to 7 percent more). It can spot as less as 1 parasite per µL of blood and ascertain diagnosis faster than thick film in 47 percent of low parasitemia (<10 parasites per µL) instances.


  • First to be U.S. FDA Approved
  • Proven and established diagnostic technology
  • Fast results – within 8 minutes
  • Easy to set up
  • Enables easy assessment
  • Only short training time

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