Unico PowerSpin VX C816 Centrifuge

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Unico PowerSpin VX C816 Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Unico
Model: PowerSpin VX C816
Product Code: C816

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Block Scientific is an established lab equipment supplier based in Bellport, New York offering quality products, including centrifuges, from leading manufacturers. We supply PowerSpin VX C816 from Unico that spins at 500-3,400 rpm. The benefit of this increased speed is a cleaner, more complete separation of cellular components for a superior serum or plasma specimen. This PowerSpinTM series centrifuges are extremely quiet for a better working environment.

Advanced Features of

PowerSpin VX Centrifuge

  • Six (6) or Eight (8) place rotor for 2 to 10 ml tubes
  • Quiet running (58 decibels a 3400 rpm)
  • Rotor chamber is accessible for cleaning
  • New design takes up less space and is more stable than round units
  • 0~30 minutes timer with bell signal at the end
  • On/off switch located in rear of the unit
  • Detachable power cord
  • Easy clean exterior
  • Lid opening for strobe check of speed
  • Latching lid with safety switch triggered to shut down the power when the lid is opened
  • Light indicator is lit when the power is on
  • Standard 115V/60Hz input

Technical Specifications

  • Type of rotor – Fixed angle
  • Capacity – 6 place x 10ml
  • Speed control – Variable

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To place your purchase order for Unico PowerSpin VX C816 or check out other types of benchtop centrifuges we offer, visit our online store. To contact us, dial 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com.