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unico powerspin dx, model c8706e centrifuge

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unico powerspin dx, model c8706e centrifuge
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  2. powerspin dx, c8706e centrifuge
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a reputable laboratory equipment supplier in the united states, block scientific offers a wide variety of lab instruments for clinical and research applications. we offer the powerspin dx, model c8706e centrifuge from unico. this centrifuge comes with a 6 -rotor option and is an ideal choice for routine laboratory tasks.

powerspin dx centrifuge

– features

the power spin model can be used to process blood, urine, semen and other specimens. it comes with a variable speed of 500-4000 rpm to ensure a clean and complete separation.

other features

  • zero rpm safety latching system prevents the lid from being opened while rotor is spinning
  • quiet running, only 50 decibels at 3400 rpm
  • maintenance free motor
  • 99 minute digital timer, 1 second increment

technical specifications

  • speed – 500~4000 rpm, 100 rpm increment
  • maximum rcf – 2508
  • rotor – 6 place horizontal rotor
  • tube size – 2-15ml
  • dc motor
  • power input – 220v

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to obtain more information about the unico powerspin dx, model c8706e centrifuge or other models of benchtop centrifuges that we offer, call 631-589-1118 or send an email to to place an order, visit our online store.