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unico powerspin bx c886, 110v centrifuge

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unico powerspin bx c886, 110v centrifuge
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  2. powerspin bx c886, 110v
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if you are looking for a centrifuge with 24 place microhematocrit and 24 place microtube rotors, buy the powerspin bx c886, 110v system designed by unico from block scientific. a long time leader in supplying quality laboratory equipment in the united states, we supply highly efficient centrifuges that are ideal for biomedical laboratory use.

unico powerspin bx c886 centrifuge

with a power consumption of 115v/60hz, the powerspin bx c886 with maintenance free brushless dc motor has a detachable power cord, digital timer, zero rpm lid safety lock and rotor unbalance sensor. this c886 model that belongs to the powerspin bx family comes with various other safety features including:

  • variable speed ranging from 1000 – 13000 rpm
  • lid window for strobe tachometer rpm check
  • automatic rotor recognition
  • exterior is chemical resistant and easy to clean and disinfect
  • built-in oversized lcd display
  • push button to control the spinning speed

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