ohaus pioneer 150g x 0.001g

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ohaus pioneer 150g x 0.001g
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block scientific is a leading laboratory equipment supplier in the united states offering a wide spectrum of precision balances to meet the needs of medical and research laboratories. we offer the pioneer 150g x 0.001g from ohaus balances and scales. this lab balance is used in classrooms and medical laboratories for applications such as weighing, percent weighing and parts counting.

pioneer 150g x 0.001g offers unprecedented performance for all basic weighing needs. it features an upfront level indicator so that users can quickly ensure the balance is level prior to use. it comes with an easy to clean draft shield with glass panels including 3 sliding doors and a stainless steel bottom, making it fast and easy to clean. its up-front level indicator allows users to quickly ensure the balance is level prior to use.

pioneer 150g x 0.001g precision balances

– specifications and features


  • capacity – 150g
  • readability –1mg
  • platform – 120mm
  • test weight – 150g, oiml e2 or astm class 1


  • menu and calibration locks
  • metal base
  • replaceable in-user cover
  • rs232
  • abs top housing
  • ac adapter
  • fixed integral weigh below hook
  • front leveling bubble
  • liquid crystal display (lcd)

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for more information about the ohaus pioneer 150g x 0.001g and other models of precision balances we carry, call 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com. to place an order, visit our online store.