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ovation 25-1250µl 8 channel pipette

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ovation 25-1250µl 8 channel pipette
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  2. ovation 25-1250µl 8 channel pipette
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the new ovation 25-1250µl 8 channel pipette is now available at block scientific, a one-stop shopping destination for all your laboratory equipment requirements. we have in stock a wide array of pipettes manufactured by vistalab technologies, which are ideal for various applications in the scientific research field, healthcare facilities and hospitals.

electronic multichannel pipette

for various pipetting tasks

the bionatural shape of the ovation 25-1250µl 8 channel pipette gives the user maximum stability while pipetting, with reduced contact pressure. the unique tip acquisition system provides an audible ‘click’ to indicate every tip is securely sealed and seated. the adjustable hook of the ovation pipette can be easily positioned for a custom fit and reduced holding effort. this ovation electronic multichannel pipette is provided with easy push button controls, tip eject button, contoured plunger and lcd display to conveniently carry out the pipetting procedure.

specifications include:

  • color: purple
  • tip size: large
  • dispensing increments: 5μl
  • accuracy: ±1.0% at 850μl
                   ±1.25% at 425μl
                   ±3.5% at 85μl
  • precision: 0.30% at 850μl
                   0.40% at 425μl
                   1.00% at 85μl

for more information on the ovation 25-1250µl 8 channel pipette and other electronic multichannel pipette models we carry, please visit our online store. we are also available by phone at 631-589-1118 or by e-mail at