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Ovation 2-125µL 12 Channel Pipette (Left-Handed Model)

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Ovation 2-125µL 12 Channel Pipette (Left-Handed Model)
  1. VistaLab Technologies
  2. 1060-0125L

Block Scientific is an excellent resource for quality laboratory equipments in the US. Now we offer for sale, Ovation 2-125µL 12 Channel Pipette (Left-hand Model) for the convenience of left handed users. These Ovation pipettes from VistaLab Technologies are ergonomically designed, minimizing the physical effort associated with pipetting.

Electronic Multichannel

Ovation Pipette

with Numerous Features

The Ovation 2-125µL 12 Channel Pipette (left-hand model) has numerous features to help improve pipetting efficiency. The contoured plunger of the device electronically activates the pipetting procedure. With the tip eject button, the user can effortlessly eject the tips. This Ovation Electronic multichannel pipette comes with easy pushbutton controls, pipetting trigger, tip head, ejector slide, adjustable hook, nozzles and LCD display.

Characteristic features include:

  • Color: Green
  • Tip Size: Small
  • Dispensing Increments: 0.5 µL
  • Accuracy: ±0.8% at 125µL
                   ±1.0% at 62.5µL
                   ±3.0% at 12.5µL
  • Precision: 0.25% at 125%
                   0.30% at 62.5µL
                   1.25% at 25µL

For more information on the Ovation 2-125µL 12 Channel Pipette (Left-Hand Model) and other ovation electronic multichannel pipettes that we carry, please visit our online store. We are also available by phone at 631-589-1118 or by e-mail at