premalignant lung cancer dna found by johns hopkins team


scientists from johns hopkins believe they have identified the very earliest premalignant genetic changes that mark the potential onset of the most common and deadliest form of lung cancer. researchers examined tissue, blood, and dna from six people with precancerous and cancerous lung lesions. the most destructive form of the disease is thought to develop from microscopic lesions in the lung tissue, which then becomes cancerous tumors by accumulating multiple genetic alterations. “this work is a big step in advancing our knowledge of lung cancer because it could give us a chance to find people at risk early,” says a member of the research team.

during the last few years, drug-resistant tb strains have grown more common. management of drug-resistant tb can be difficult, and these strains require specialized treatment. using conventional methods, patients with resistant tb would need to wait for up to six weeks for antibiotic resistance testing. with a new testing technique created by a university college london team, the detection time for tuberculosis (tb) may be reduced to a few days rather than a week or more.


abbott cell dyn 3500 is a compact, user-friendly system capable of producing 22 hematological parameters that include the basis for a five-part wbc differential. the instrument features an automatic start-up cycle that enhances the flow system and ensures the background counts.

– advanced data management
– simplification of data interpretation
– quick, accurate results


featuring comprehensive testing parameters, flexible sample handling, a user-defined interface, and a compact bench-top design, advia® 120 system meets the demands of laboratories. it minimizes review rates and repeats utilizing proven flow cytometry.

– automates hematology workflow
– maximizes efficiency through user-defined screen configurations and reports
– streamlines productivity with a 150 capacity rack-based autosampler


qbc star centrifugal hematology system provides multiple benefits for in-office cbc testing. the device measures nine important cbc hematological parameters from venous or capillary blood samples.

– fully automated
– easy to operate
– installation time is less than thirty seconds


abbott cell dyn 1700 offers optimal solutions to meet the changing demands of today’s laboratory environment. it takes only about 60 seconds for a complete blood count (cbc) and can store 5,000 specimen data with graphics.

– optional closed sampling system
– comprehensive diagnostic messages
– color display with full keyboard


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