MultiMagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug

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MultiMagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug

Manufacturer: Scientific Industries
Model: MultiMagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug
Product Code: SI-3001

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MultiMagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug is a one-of-a-kind highly valued magnetic stirrer for professional use in laboratories. Headquartered in New York, Block Scientific offers an excellent variety of stirrers manufactured by Scientific Industries, home of the Multi-Task Genie family.

MultiMagGenie Magnetic Stirrer for a Variety of Applications

The rotation speed of this model can be varied from 10-1200 RPM. MultiMagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug is ideal for applications ranging from gentle stirring for cell culture to aggressive mixing for viscous polymers. This unit offers manual mode, automatic mode and profile mode features. Four stirring programs can be stored in memory for subsequent use. Three power levels (including low, medium and high) are available for precision stirring of various sample viscosities. This 4-position stirrer features low profile design and microprocessor control.


  • Time: 1 sec – 99 hours
  • Selectable ramp rates: 5-300 rpm/sec
  • Maximum capacity: 1..0Kg (7.0 lb)
  • Dimension: 375 x 325 x 48mm (D x W x H)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg (7.0 lb)

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