MultiMagStir Genie, 120V/100V

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MultiMagStir Genie, 120V/100V

Manufacturer: Scientific Industries
Model: MultiMagStir Genie, 120V/100V
Product Code: SI-3000

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MultiMagStir Genie, 120V/100V is a 4-position magnetic stirrer from Scientific Industries distributed at Block Scientific. Headquartered in New York, Block Scientific supplies quality laboratory equipment throughout the US.

MultiMagStir Genie Magnetic Stirrer for Low to High Speed Stirring

Ideal for tissue culture applications, MultiMagStir Genie 120V/100V model is designed to provide low to high speed stirring. This unit offers a choice of three program modes – manual mode, automatic mode and profile mode. All parameters including speed, ramp rate, stir direction, time (including pause) and power level can be easily programmed in up to nine distinct steps. Three power levels are available for precision stirring of various sample viscosities.

Some of the specifications incorporated in MultiMagStir Genie magnetic stirrer are:

  • Power Levels: low, medium, high
  • Memory: up to 4 user-defined profiles
  • Time- 1 sec – 99 hours
  • Dimension: 375 x 325 x 48mm (D x W x H)
  • Maximum capacity: 10.0 Kg (22 lb)
  • Weight: 3.2 Kg
  • Selectable ramp rates: 5 – 300 rpm/sec
  • Stirring speed 10-1200 RPM

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