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phoenix diagnostics multi-analyte linearity controls

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phoenix diagnostics multi-analyte linearity controls
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  2. multi-analyte linearity controls
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block scientific, a worldwide supplier of lab equipment based in new york offers quality chemistry linearity controls for clinical laboratories. the multi-analyte linearity controls for in vitro diagnostic use can verify reportable ranges and determine linearity in automated, semi-automated and manual chemistry systems. this linearity test set provides clinicians with 6 dilution levels and 3 ampules of 1ml each per level.


  • total protein (tp)
  • albumin (alb)
  • uric acid (ua)
  • creatinine (creat)
  • glucose (glu)
  • blood urea nitrogen (bun)
  • lactate (lac)
  • phosphorous (p)
  • sodium (na+)
  • potassium (k+)
  • calcium (ca++)
  • chloride (cl-)
  • lithium (li+)
  • iron (fe)
  • magnesium (mg++)
  • cholesterol (chol)
  • triglycerides (trig) and

multi-analyte chemistry linearity control

– specific features

  • compatible with all popular chemistry analyzers
  • stable to expiry date at +2 – 8°c
  • saves time and reduces risk of pre-analytical errors
  • two-year shelf life
  • combines more analytes within a single control
  • saves laboratories as much as 30% annually
  • free web-based data reduction

the multi-analyte linearity controls assist in the documentation of calibration verification and verification of linear range required by many inspection agencies

more information about the phoenix diagnostics multi-analyte linearity controls and other chemistry linearity controls we offer is available at our online store. for queries, dial 631-589-1118 or send an email to