Drucker Diagnostics Model 755 – 12 Place Centrifuge

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Drucker Diagnostics Model 755 - 12 Place Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Drucker Diagnostics
Model: Model 755 – 12 Place
Product Code: 755-12

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Model 755 – 12 Place Centrifuge is a premium quality product that Block Scientific distributes from the manufacturer, the Drucker Diagnostics. As a prominent lab equipment dealer in the US, Block Scientific offers quality laboratory products from reliable manufacturers in the industry. Our product line includes lab equipment ideal for use in science labs and medical research facilities.

Model 755 Single Speed Centrifuge

The Model 755 – 12 Place Centrifuge is an electronically-controlled, single speed device that comes with a lid safety interlock system. The unit is equipped with a transparent lid that helps to safely view the samples. The electronic push button timer of the device is variable from 1 to 30 minutes, to attain precise spin time. There is also a lighted control panel that displays the status of the machine.

Specifications Include

  • Model 755 – 12 Place Centrifuge Max Speed (Model 755):
    • with 12-Place Horizontal Rotor : 3,600 (+/- 100) RPM
    • with Fixed-Angle Rotors : 4,200 (+/- 100) RPM
  • Maximum capacity:
    • 12-Place Horizontal Rotor: 180 mL (12 x 15 mL)**
    • 20-Place Fixed-Angle Rotor: 300 mL (20 x 15 mL)**
  • Nominal Acceleration Time: 30 seconds
  • Nominal Braking Time: 15 seconds
  • Protection Breaker: 4 Amp. re-settable

For more details regarding our Model 755 – 12 Place Centrifuge and other horizontal benchtop centrifuges that we carry, please browse our online store. You can contact us by phone at 631-589-1118, or send your emails to info@blockscientific.com.