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drucker diagnostics model 614b centrifuge

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drucker diagnostics model 614b centrifuge
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block scientific, a premier lab equipment dealer in the us, offers the model 614b centrifuge for small laboratories and other research facilities. this model from the drucker diagnostics is a single speed centrifuge, designed for blood separations.

model 614b – compact design

the model 614b centrifuge has a compact design that requires less than 1 sq. ft. of counter space. this reduces its footprint and provides more space on your counter.


  • spin tubes up to 15ml
  • custom tube holders specially designed to spin tubes without cushions
  • this centrifuge model is etl compliant to ansi/ul standards

prominent specifications include

  • deceleration time: 60 seconds
  • acceleration time: 60 seconds
  • nominal speed: 3,150 (+/- 100) rpm
  • nominal force: 1,200 (+/- 60) xg
  • maximum capacity: 90ml (6x15ml)
  • overall height: 8.5 inch (22 cm)
  • max. power requirements: 120 watts
  • voltage: 115 (+/- 10) volts
  • frequency: 60 hz
  • mechanical timer: selectable from 1 to 30 minutes (+/-10%)
  • capacity: six (6) 15ml test tubes up to 17mm x 125mm

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