MLA Micro D-Tipper 8µL Pipette

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MLA Micro D-Tipper 8µL Pipette

Manufacturer: VistaLab Technologies
Model: MLA Micro D-Tipper 8µL
Product Code: 1808

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The MLA Micro D-Tipper 8µL pipette manufactured by VistaLab Technologies is an ideal utility product for various laboratory applications. Block Scientific is one of the prominent suppliers of laboratory equipment in the US, and we can supply this fixed volume pipette model.

MLA 8µL Pipette: Piston Stroke, Air Displacement Instrument

The MLA Micro D-Tipper 8µL pipette is a piston stroke, air displacement instrument with tip ejection feature. This is a two stroke pipette with overblow, enhancing the accuracy and precision at the microvolume sample sizes. It is factory calibrated to dispense the volume engraved on the pipette. The location of the detipping mechanism and the slim, tapered design enables easy access to its narrow diameter tubes. It is handy to use, especially for smaller hands. Standard MLA small tips are used in this MLA pipette. It has a built-in tip ejector and the upward lift of the pipette bonnet ejects used pipette tips easily. Other specific features of the MLA Micro D-Tipper pipette include:

  • Color: Black
  • Accuracy: ±1.00%
  • Precision: 1.50%

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