MLA Macro 10 mL Pipette

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MLA Macro 10 mL Pipette

Manufacturer: VistaLab Technologies
Model: MLA Macro 10 mL
Product Code: 1070

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MLA Macro 10 mL Fixed Volume Pipettes

The MLA Macro 10 mL pipette is a fixed volume pipette model distributed at Block Scientific, a leading laboratory equipment supplier in the US. This model belonging to the MLA-brand Macro Volume pipettes is manufactured by VistaLab Technologies. It is made of precision engineered aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The MLA Macro Pipette is suitable for large volume pipetting tasks such as reconstituting reagents, controls, or dilutions.

The MLA Macro 10 mL pipette model is factory calibrated for accurate volume delivery. The MLA pipette is an ideal choice for short duration and infrequent pipetting needs where exposure to ergonomic risk factors is limited, while precision and accuracy remain essential.

Important Specifications

Some of the important specifications of the MLA Macro 10 mL pipette include:

  • Color: Red
  • Accuracy: ±0.60%
  • Precision: 0.30%

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