MLA Macro 1-5 mL Adjustable Pipette

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MLA Macro 1-5 mL Adjustable Pipette

Manufacturer: VistaLab Technologies
Model: MLA Macro 1-5 mL Adjustable
Product Code: 1061

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The MLA Macro 1-5 mL adjustable pipette manufactured by VistaLab Technologies and distributed at Block Scientific is ideal for various laboratory applications. The MLA Macro adjustable pipettes we supply are air displacement instruments with overblow and cover a volume range of 1 to 5mL. These are designed for accurate measurements of aqueous and nonaqueous fluids, volatile acids and solvents.

1-5 mL MLA Macro Pipettes – Adjustable Volume of Pipetting

The MLA Macro 1-5 mL adjustable pipette is made of precision engineered aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and is ideal for large volume pipetting tasks such as reconstituting reagents, controls, or dilutions. It has an adjustable volume of pipetting that ranges from 1-5 mL with ±1.0% accuracy. Volume selection is done by rotating the plunger to an incremental volume line located on the plunger. At 5 and 3mL, its precision is ±.50 and ±.60 at 1mL. A variety of sterile and non-sterile tips are available, including a graduated Macro Tip for 1-5mL models that allows visual confirmation of the volume delivered. For easy identification, this model comes with blue color code.

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