MLA D-Tipper 70µL Pipette

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MLA D-Tipper 70µL Pipette

Manufacturer: VistaLab Technologies
Model: MLA D-Tipper 70µL
Product Code: 1147C

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The MLA D-Tipper 70µL pipette from VistaLab Technologies is a fixed volume, air displacement type model offered for sale at Block Scientific. Ours is a well-known company based in the US, offering a wide range of laboratory products from leading manufacturers. MLA D-Tipper 70µL pipette is ideal for laboratories conducting pipetting procedures where performance, reliability and ease of use are important.

MLA D-Tipper 70µL Pipette with Utility Features

The MLA D-Tipper 70µL pipette comes with a number of utility features. The MLA pipette is made of precision engineered aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and is designed for highly accurate delivery with proven performance. Its smooth one-stroke action enhances repeatable results. The slim, tapered design and location of the detipping mechanism enables easy access to narrow diameter tubes; this model is comfortable to use, especially for smaller hands. This MLA D-Tipper pipette model comes with a built-in tip ejector, glove guard and low spring forces. Specifications of the MLA D-Tipper 70µL pipette include:

  • Color: Silver
  • Tip Size: Small
  • Accuracy: ±2.00%
  • Precision: 0.57%

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