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mla d-tipper 15µl pipette

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mla d-tipper 15µl pipette
  1. vistalab technologies
  2. mla d-tipper 15µl
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block scientific is a us based firm offering a range of laboratory supplies and equipment from prominent manufacturers. our mla d-tipper 15µl pipette from vistalab technologies is a fixed volume model that is assembled and inspected under the strictest quality control.

15µl d-tipper mla pipette – comfortable to use

the mla d-tipper 15µl pipette is ideal for laboratories carrying out pipetting processes where performance, reliability and ease of use are important. it is made of precision engineered metal components – aluminum alloy and stainless steel. the mla d-tipper pipette is comfortable to use, especially for smaller hands. its smooth one-stroke action enhances repeatable results and requires less physical effort. it has a built-in tip ejector, single stroke operation, low spring forces to minimize thumb muscle and glove guard to eliminate potential catching during tip removal.  specifications of the mla d-tipper 15µl pipette are:

specifications of mla d-tipper 15µl pipette

  • color: silver
  • tip size: small
  • accuracy: ±5.00%
  • precision: 1.73%

for more information on the mla d-tipper 15µl pipette, and other mla d-tipper pipette models that we carry, please visit our online store. we are also available by phone at 631-589-1118 or by e-mail at