Miles Hema Tek 1000 Histology Equipment/Slide Stainer

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Miles Hema Tek 1000 Histology Equipment/Slide Stainer

Manufacturer: Bayer Diagnostics (Siemens)
Model: Hema Tek 1000
Product Code: HEMATEK-1000

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Miles Hema Tek 1000 Automated Slide Stainer

Miles Hema Tek 1000 is an automated histology slide stainer from Miles Laboratories Inc, a subsidiary of Bayer. Now, Bayer has become part of Siemens. The histology equipment is perfect for staining multiple slides in any of todays’ laboratory settings.

This stainer, having the capability to process 60 slides per hour, makes use of disposable, prepackaged stain, buffer, and rinse solutions. The key functional components that are available with Miles Hema Tek 1000 are spiral conveyors and three peristaltic pumps.

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