china gets ready for mers, taking lessons from its sars experience


there is ongoing concern about the outbreak of the middle east respiratory coronavirus (mers-cov). china is under the dark shadow of this contagious respiratory virus with a high-mortality rate. china confirmed its first imported mers-cov infection in a 44-year-old south korean businessman in may 2015.

as of june 12, 2015, world health organization (who) has been notified of 1289 laboratory-confirmed cases, including at least 455 related deaths globally since september 2012. the coronavirus that caused mers (mers-cov) was first identified in 2012 in saudi arabia. taking lessons from the sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak in 2003, china is getting ready with emergency measures to curtail the spread of mers.


mers-cov is the acronym for middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus, the virus that causes mers. south korea experienced mers outbreak in may 2015, with the virus strain still evolving and continuing to spread. researchers are learning more about this new acute respiratory illness similar to sars.

here is some background information and faqs regarding the mers virus. read more


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