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a global company supplying a broad portfolio of performance-driven products, block scientific is a direct distributor of awareness technology, offering a wide range of products including chemistry analyzers, microplate readers, microplate washers, and related laboratory equipment.

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the introduction of new technologies in the workflow has substantially improved the productivity and efficiency of clinical laboratories. lab equipment manufacturers are constantly developing products with new and improved features to make lab applications easier, faster – and more accurate. a leader in the lab equipment industry, awareness technology offers a range of products to meet the emerging lab testing needs in healthcare settings. their product portfolio includes – chemwell® fusion, chemwell®-t, stat fax®, lumistat®, and chromate® instruments, as well as awareness technology’s request® line of reagents & assays plus dexall® line of allergy testing solutions. read more


stat fax 4200 microplate reader

stat fax® 4200 is a compact, standalone, 8-channel microplate reader. its streamlined design offers touch screen interface, rapid reading, superb optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories.


– eia analyzer
– compact design
– rapid results
– large memory


stat fax 2600 microplate washer

stat fax 2600 microplate washer washes flat round and v-bottom plates and strips. it works with a variety of wells.


– all-in-one washer and plate mixer
– 50 customized wash protocols
– precision quiet operation
– individual row selection


stat fax 4500 chemistry analyzer

it is a compact, economical, standalone chemistry analyzer. along with the streamline design, stat fax® 4500 comes with superb optics, touch-screen interface and built-in printer.


– built in 12 well incubation
– 120 test protocols
– pc connectivity via usb


stat fax 4700 microstrip reader

it is a compact, economical, standalone microstrip reader featuring touch screen interface, superb optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and a built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories.


– compact design
– touch screen interface
– curve fitting software
– reliable results
– 120 open channel


chemwell 2910 chemistry analyzer

chemwell 2910 is a fully automated analyzer capable of running both eias and general chemistries in standard microwells.


– 200 tests per hour
– no carry-over
– handles up to 27 reagents, 96
– automated mixing
– liquid sensing probe tip
– washes 8 wells at once


chemwell® fusion chemistry analyzer

chemwell® fusion enables elisa and clia assays to run together on a single instrument, even within a single plate.

chemwell® fusion accepts:

– 96-well plates
– 12 standard 8-well micro strips
– 8 standard 12-well micro strips;
  white for clia and clear for elisa


stat fax 3300 chemistry analyzer

stat fax 3300 chemistry analyzer stores control values and creates levey-jennings plots for qc. it consist of flip-up display screen – large 240 x 128 pixel graphical display.


– fast, reliable results
– flowcell, tube or cuvette
– small footprint
– large display
– small samples


chemwell-t chemistry analyzer

a fully automated, random access analyzer for biochemistry and immuno-turbidimetric assays.


– compact footprint
– probe jamming detection
– proven laboratory success
– intuitive software


lumate microplate luminometer

lumate is a compact microplate glow luminometer. its streamlined design with minimal footprint offers superb optics to fit any size lab bench.


chromate microplate reader

chromate® is an open system that permits users to program a wide variety of assays.


– units work well together
– an economical solution
– pc integration
– rapid, accurate results


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