Meningitis IgG ELISA, 96 Wells

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Meningitis IgG ELISA, 96 Wells

Manufacturer: DRG International Inc.
Model: Meningitis IgG ELISA, 96 wells
Product Code: EIA4918

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Block Scientific is the laboratory equipment supplier you can depend on for all kinds of infectious disease kits. So you have come to the right place to purchase the Meningitis IgG ELISA, 96 wells. Based in Bellport, New York, we have more than 35 years of experience in dealing in a comprehensive range of lab equipment for both domestic and international clients.

Elisa Kit

– Useful Assay

This product is a useful enzyme immunoAssay (ELISA) for the determination of IgG antibodies to groups ACWY Meningococcus in human plasma and sera.

Test Principle

Microplates are coated with a preparation of purified capsular polysaccharides formed by serogroups A, B, C, Y and W135. In the 1st incubation, the solid phase is treated with diluted samples and anti-Meningococcus IgG are captured, if present, by the antigens. After washing out all the other components of the sample, in the 2nd incubation bound anti-Men IgG are detected by the addition of anti hIgG antibody, labeled with peroxidase (HRP). The enzyme captured on the solid phase, acting on the substrate/chromogen mixture, generates an optical signal that is proportional to the amount of anti-Men IgG antibodies present in the sample. A cut-off value permits to transform the optical density values detected in positive or negative results due to the presence of absence of anti-Men IgG.




  • Kit Contents – Negative control, microplate, positive control, specimen diluent, wash buffer concentrate, chromogen/substrate, enzyme conjugate, stop solution, sulphuric acid; Package insert n°1, Plate sealing foils n°2
  • Each kit contains sufficient reagents to perform 96 tests.

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