Medica EasyStat

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Medica EasyStat

Manufacturer: Medica
Model: EasyStat
Product Code: 7001

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An established New York based lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific offers the Medica EasyStat analyzer, an ideal blood chemistry system to save time, money, and bench space. Designed to help laboratories deliver sample results economically and efficiently, this blood gas analyzer can measure pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-, and Hct and measure several additional parameters.

Blood Gas Analyzer

with Many Advanced Features

Medica’s EasyStat comes with many advanced features:

  • Simple menus for user guidance through analyzer operation
  • Compact format and modular design reduces maintenance and space requirements
  • As the liquid calibrants are packaged in a convenient reagent module, gas tanks are eliminated
  • Disposable electrodes and reagent module ensure economical operation and low cost per sample
  • Bar code scanner option for accurate input of patient, operator and QC data

Flexible EasyStat software allows selection of desired options such as language, parameters reported, patient data, parameters reported, and more. Patient parameters, patient ID, patient temperature, %FIO2 drawing site, and other information can be entered using the digital keypad and integrated with patient results. With its small footprint, this analyzer can be used in virtually any type of laboratory.


  • Storage memory: up to 64 patients
  • Sample type: whole blood
  • Sample temperature control: 37.0°C ± 0.2°C
  • Analysis time:
  • Calibration: automatic or on-demand


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