Medica EasyRA Analyzer – LIS, & ISE DOM

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Medica EasyRA Analyzer - LIS, & ISE DOM

Manufacturer: Medica
Model: Medica EasyRA Chemistry Analyzer – LIS, & ISE DOM
Product Code: 10400

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Block Scientific, an established lab equipment dealer in the U.S., offers the upgraded Medica EasyRA Analyzer – LIS, & ISE DOM. With its enhanced throughput of 200+ results an hour, this versatile device is designed to meet the changing demands of the clinical laboratory.
The upgraded EasyRA analyzer provides reliable test results at almost twice the speed of current models. This is a consolidated, moderately complex solution that combines drugs of abuse, routine and specialty chemistries on a single, easy-to-use analyzer. It improves lab turnaround time, allowing physicians to reach clinical decisions faster and spend more time with patients.

The features of the improved

EasyRA Analyzer


  • Increased throughput of up to 240 samples/hour depending on the tests assayed
  • Single platform for drugs-of-abuse in urine and routine chemistries
  • Faster cycle time for inventories, pipetting and fluid handling
  • Waste tubing maintenance schedule reduced from 6 to 4 months
  • Sample cups or primary tubes in a wide range of sizes
  • Single and multilevel calibration curves
  • ISE Module (optional)

Benefits of moderately complex drug screening on the EasyRA analyzer include: fully automated enhancing efficiency, positive/negative results reported, no manual visual interpretations, reduced risk of transcription errors with automated data entry and bidirectional LIS communication, and more control by allowing to run individual analytes of interest.

Technical Specifications

  • System specifications: true random access, clinical chemistry analyzer
  • Throughput: Patient results per hour, photometric: up to 240 tests/hour*; ISE: up to 240 tests/hour*; STAT time: 8 minutes (Na+/K+/Cl-/CO2/GLU/BUN/CREA)
  • Types of analysis: endpoint, enzymatic, rate, bichromatic, potentiometric, enzyme immunoassay (EIA), turbidometric immunassay (TIA)
  • Samples: 24 sample positions per sample ring for patient, calibrator, or QC samples; STAT: up to 5 user-defined positions; optional second sample ring uniquely identified by analyzer; automatic
  • dilution: 1:2, 1:3, 1:5 and 1:10 final dilution
  • Sample volume: photometric chemistries: 2.0-25.0 μL; programmed in 0.1 μL steps; ISE
  • chemistries: serum: 80-90 μL; urine: 140 μL
  • Sample containers: sample cups or primary tubes in a wide range of sizes
  • Sample identification: position ID, barcode ID (optional), barcode types: codabar, code 39, 128, interleaved 2 of 5
  • Reagents: 24 positions for reagents; reagent cooling temperature 12º-15º C less than ambient; reagent identification: RFID (radio frequency identification) technology – automatic tracking and entry of reagent information (chemistry name, lot number, expiration date; reagent volumes; analysis volumes for reagents, samples, diluent; primary and secondary wavelengths; reaction read times; analysis type; reagent and sample blanking; linear range of assay; acceptable absorbance ranges). Reagents are ready to use. 6 open channels.
  • Reagent volumes: reagent volume (R1)/test 120-350 μL; programmed in 1 μL steps. reagent volume (R2)/test 10-50 μL; programmed in 1 μL steps
  • Water supply: reagent grade deionized water, diluent bottle
  • Sampling system: probe pre-heater; single probe with RF level sensing; inner and outer probe washing
  • Cuvette material: optical acrylic; disposable segments; 12 cuvettes per segment; 6 total segments in reaction area
  • Reaction time: 1-15 minutes
  • Reaction temperature: 37º ± 0.25º C (photometric chemistries)
  • Wavelength: 340, 405, 520, 550, 600, 660, 700; half bandwidth 10 ± 2 nm
  • Light source: xenon flash lamp, 5 year typical life
  • Photometric linearity: 0.0-2.5 Abs units for 0.6 cm pathlength (1% deviation)
  • Photometric resolution: 0.0001 Abs units at 1.0 Abs
  • Quality control: 2 levels of controls (Levey-Jennings plots for two levels)
  • Calibration curves: single and multilevel calibration (based on analyte)
  • User interface: edit and monitor worklists; review results; review calibration and quality control results; Levey-Jennings charts for 31 days of QC results; on-board diagnostics and individual component monitoring; graphic instructions for daily, weekly and monthly maintenance procedures
  • Data storage: 2000 patient results; 56,000 test results, ability to archive and retrieve results
  • Power requirements:100 VAC-240 VAC ± 10% 50-60 Hz, 4.0/2.0A
  • Size and weight: 40″ w x 15″ h x 26″ d (102 cm x 38 cm x 66 cm), 88 lbs (40 kgs) without reagents
  • Ambient conditions: 15º=30º C (59º-86º F); <85% relative humidity, non-condensing atmospheric air environment
  • Computer requirements: minimum: Windows® 8**; CD/CD-RW; 1 RS-232 or USB port; touch screen monitor or SVGA color monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Printing: local or network printer
  • Optional features: ISE Module

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