Medica EasyLyte Expand Analyzer

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Medica EasyLyte Expand Analyzer

Manufacturer: Medica
Model: EasyLyte Expand Analyzer
Product Code: 2030

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Medica EasyLyte Expand Analyzer is offered for sale at Block Scientific. As a global provider of clinical laboratory equipment and reagents, we provide a complete range of products for many medical challenges. Medica EasyLyte Expand Analyzer is an advanced electrolyte analyzer with more options for testing electrolytes.

It is a reliable companion for a healthcare professional, providing rapid, accurate results for 4 parameters in one sample (NA/K/CL/CA or LI) in whole blood, serum, plasma or diluted urine.What makes this analyzer most flexible to meet customer testing needs is its ability to swap between Ca and Li electrode. Measured parameters are: Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++ or Na+, K+, Cl-, Li+. Measured results are displayed and printed in 90 seconds for urine and 60 seconds for other samples.

Features of

Medica EasyLyte Expand Electrolyte Analyzer

  • Simple Yes/No prompted operation
  • Compatible with serum, plasma, whole blood or urine samples
  • Analysis time: 90 secs for urine and 60 secs for other samples
  • Minimal training required with Yes/No intuitive interface
  • Automatic or on-demand calibration
  • Automatic probe wiping
  • Maintenance-free disposable electrodes

Along with this analyzer, you can get NA/K/CL/CA/LI Solution Pack 800 ML, which contains all 5 analytes in it. All other supplies including electrodes are the same as the other EasyLyte models. The same solution pack can be used for all five parameters. The EasyLyte Expand Analyzer comes with a calcium electrode. If the customer wants to run Lithium, this electrode must be ordered separately.

For more information on Medica EasyLyte Expand Electrolyte Analyzer or other electrolyte analyzers available at Block Scientific, please visit our online store. You can contact us by phone at 1-866-203-5777 (Toll Free) or 631-589-1118; or forward an email to