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medica easyelectrolytes tri-level qc kit

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medica easyelectrolytes tri-level qc kit
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block scientific, an established lab equipment supplier in bellport, new york provides a wide range of quality reagents, controls and consumables from leading manufacturers. we offer the medica easyelectrolytes tri-level qc kit for use with medica’s electrolyte analyzer easyelectrolytes™.


easyelectrolytes tri-level qc kit

the easylyte is an automated, microprocessor-controlled analyzer for the measurement of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and ph in serum, plasma, whole blood and urine. the comprehensive quality control program calculates and stores complete statistics for monthly qc results at each of three levels. quality control reference limits are conveniently entered with the numeric keypad.

  • metric capacity: 3 x 10ml

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