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medica easyelectrolytes na/k/li analyzer

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medica easyelectrolytes na/k/li analyzer
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  2. medica easyelectrolytes na/k/li analyzer
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block scientific is a global leader in supplying quality lab equipment for laboratories. we offer medica easyelectrolytes na/k/li analyzer that focuses on the laboratory’s needs to deliver sample results economically.

easyelectrolytes na/k/li analyzer

for accurate measurement

this electrolyte analyzer is ideal to measure sodium, potassium and lithium in whole blood, serum, urine (not applicable for lithium) and plasma. simple yes/no prompted display messages guide the user through analyzer operation, while the modular design makes maintenance easy. unique electrode design and precise control of calibrator volumes ensure economical operation and a low cost per sample.

featuring comprehensive quality control and data management, this analyzer can store results in memory for up to 64 patients. all calibrants are packaged in a convenient, sealed, reagent module that also collects waste, protecting the user from biological hazards. measured results are displayed and printed in 35 seconds on a 55 µl serum sample.

other advanced features of this analyzer that help in operation without interruption include

  • maintenance-free electrode design
  • advanced software and hardware
  • self-contained reagent module
  • universal sampler
  • self-wiping feature


  • data storage: 64 patient results with operator id, patient id, data and time
  • clia classification: moderate complexity
  • sample type: whole blood, serum, plasma, or diluted urine
  • patient id: 9digits
  • calibration: automatic or on-demand

for more information about the medica easyelectrolytes na/k/li analyzer and other electrolyte analyzers we offer, visit our online store. to contact our sales team just dial 631-589-1118 or send an email to