Medica EasyCell® Assistant Cell Image Analysis System

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Medica EasyCell® Assistant Cell Image Analysis System

Manufacturer: Medica
Model: EasyCell Assistant
Product Code: EASYCELL

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A worldwide lab equipment supplier based in New York, Block Scientific offers an extensive range of quality and reliable instruments for various types of medical and scientific laboratory applications. The Medica EasyCell® Assistant Cell Image Analysis System is an affordable solution to simplify manual differentials.

This advanced cell image analyzer significantly reduces review times while assisting the technologist to achieve improved efficiency, accuracy and precision. The attended time required to process each slide is reduced from 5 to 8 minutes to 2 minutes or less.

EasyCell Hematology Analyzer

With Advanced Software Technology

The EasyCell Assistant features state-of-the-art image-processing and pattern-recognition technology that can automatically locate white cells on a blood smear, pre-classify the cells, and display them for review on an LCD monitor.

The remote software of this hematology analyzer can be installed on existing lab computers, creating additional review workstations. Digital images of each cell are permanently stored, helping in later image review or transmission for consultation. Multiple EasyCells and multiple review workstations can be networked with this software.


  • Data storage of up to 10,000 slides on-board
  • Enables red cell morphology evaluation and platelet estimates
  • 1-D and 2-D bar coding, or label imaging for sample ID
  • LIS connectivity – CLSI standards
  • Built-in quality control software

This analyzer’s simple user interface monitors and controls operation using 5 screens which reduces eye strain and muscle fatigue. This advanced analyzer from Medica is FDA-cleared and bears the CE mark.

The EasyCell Assistant comes with one year on-site warranty and includes installation and training.

For more information about the Medica EasyCell® Assistant Cell Image Analysis System and other new hematology analyzers we offer, visit our online store. To contact us, call 631-589-1118 or send an email to