Medica EasyBloodGas

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Medica EasyBloodGas

Manufacturer: Medica
Model: EasyBloodGas
Product Code: 6001-MEDICA

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Based in New York, Block Scientific is a worldwide supplier of laboratory equipment for clinical and scientific applications. Our collection of blood gas analyzers features the compact and user-friendly Medica EasyBloodGas, an ideal system for the measurement of pH, PCO2, PCO2 and PO2 and eleven additional parameters. All analyzer components are combined into simple modules that are easily accessible to the user.

Features of the

EasyBlood Gas Analyzer

Focused on meeting laboratory needs to deliver sample results economically, the EasyBloodGas comes with compact electrode design and precise control of calibrator volumes to ensure economical operation and reduced cost per sample. The self-contained reagent module and collects all wastes. Other advanced features:

  • Eliminates gas tanks
  • Simple menus for guidance through analyzer operation
  • All components are designed into simple modules for easy access by the user
  • Quality control: Quality control program in this analyzer calculates and stores complete statistics for the last 30 quality control results at each of three levels
  • Data management: Data management program compares all patient results with ranges stored in memory and flags out of range results
  • Self-wiping feature of the sample probe provides convenience, sample integrity and user-safety
  • Routine maintenance is limited to the replacement of the reagent module, electrodes, and a single pump tube


  • CLIA classification: moderate complexity
  • Sample Type: whole blood
  • Sample size: 100μL Syringe, 75μL Capillary
  • Calibration: automatic or on-demand
  • Analysis time: 125 seconds
  • Data storage: 64 patient results with operator ID, patient ID, date and time


To know more about the EasyBloodGas analyzer by Medica and other blood gas analyzers we offer, visit our online store. For purchase queries, call 631-589-1118 or write to