MEDICA EasyBloodGas Reagent Module

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MEDICA EasyBloodGas Reagent Module

Manufacturer: Medica
Model: EasyBloodGas Reagent Module
Product Code: 6101-0000

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A leading lab equipment supplier in New York, Block Scientific offers a wide range of quality reagents, consumables, and controls. We offer the MEDICA EasyBloodGas Reagent Module. It combines calibrating gases and liquid buffers to create a convenient reagent module with single-phase calibrants.

EasyBloodGas Reagent Module

– Features and Benefits

  • Liquid tonometered calibrants packaged in a convenient reagent module
  • Eliminates the need for gas tanks
  • Collects waste protecting the user from biological hazards
  • Solid-state memory allows the EasyBloodGas Analyzer to track data code and reagent usage

Routine maintenance is limited to the replacement of the reagent module, electrodes, and a single pump tube. Reagent-waste modules are simple to install with clear illustrations printed on the inside of the case.

As the reagents are sealed and contain liquid tonometered calibrants, this completely eliminates the need for expensive, high pressure, calibration gases, also reducing space need considerations.

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