MagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug

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MagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug

Manufacturer: Scientific Industries
Model: MagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug
Product Code: SI-0301

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MagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug is a programmable high/low speed stirrer with memory profiles. Manufactured by Scientific Industries, this is one of the best models sold at Block Scientific. We have years of experience in the distribution of laboratory instruments for stirring purposes.

MagStir Genie – A Microprocessor Controlled Stirrer

MagStir Genie is a microprocessor controlled stirrer with a maximum stirring load of 5.0 kg (11 lb). It is used for applications ranging from gentle stirring for cell culture to aggressive mixing for viscous polymers. This low profile magnetic stirrer runs on 230V AC. It can be used with any regular flask/beaker or spinner flask.

Standard Features

The standard features included in the MagStir Genie, 230V w/o plug are:

  • Speed range of 10-1800 RPM including reverse and interval stirring
  • Three power levels(including low, medium and high) Selectable ramp rates: 5-300 rpm/sec
  • Memory: up to 4 user-defined profiles
  • Dimensions: 6.3″W x 2.2″H x 7.9″D
  • Time: 1 sec – 99 hours

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