LW Scientific MiniVID WiFi Camera

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LW Scientific MiniVID WiFi Camera

Manufacturer: LW Scientific
Model: MiniVID WiFi Camera
Product Code: MVC-U5MP-WIFI

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Block Scientific, an established lab equipment supplier in U.S., is a leading provider of quality microscopes for educational, laboratory and medical purposes. We offer LW Scientific MiniVID WiFi Camera that comes with different applications and is ideal for teaching, training, and educating clients and students.

This camera can be mounted on nearly any brand or type of microscope with trinocular C-mount or inserted into the one eye-tube of a binocular head using the optional eyetube adapter. Its fast frame rates ensure smooth motion for fast moving specimens or live teaching.

Advantages of the

MiniVID WiFi Camera

The device’s image capture capabilities allow you to capture live-streaming video clips on any device. With this advanced 5MP camera, you can

  • Capture high resolution images in BMP, JPG, and PNG formats
  • Benefit from fast frame rates
  • Stream live images to multiple devices at the same time

The camera comes with built-in rechargeable batteries for true wireless imaging.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum frame rates
    • When connecting to PC using USB cable – 640×840@40fps ; 2592×1944@15fps
    • When using WiFi – 640×840@30fps ; 2592×1944@5fps
  • Image Sensor – 1/2″ color CMOS chip – 5MP
  • System Requirement – iOS6 or higher
    Android 3.0 or higher
    Microsoft XP/7/8 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Software – Download the free “Ucam” app
    Includes CD with software for PC

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To learn more about the LW Scientific MiniVID WiFi Camera and other microscope cameras we offer, visit our online store. For purchase-related queries, dial 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com.