LW Scientific Differential Counter – 8 key

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LW Scientific Differential Counter - 8 key

Manufacturer: LW Scientific
Model: Differential Counter – 8 key
Product Code: CTL-DIFD-08KP

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A leading New York based lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific offers quality lab instruments from reputable manufacturers. We offer the new and improved LW Scientific Differential Counter – 8 key, which uses modern technology and microprocessor-controlled electronics for accurate cell counts.

Digital Differential Counter

with 8 Buttons

This instrument improves accuracy, efficiency, and comfort when counting cells in the laboratory. Its 8 alternating red and white buttons have a comfortable, ergonomic feel for positive and accurate finger positioning, and the 3-digit LCD windows display each cell count.

The 8 buttons are labeled with cell names and cell pictures for BASO, EOSIN, MYELO, JUVEN, STAB, SEG, LYMPH, and MONO. A click sound on each touch confirms the count, and a short beep indicates you have reached 100 cells. Push the percent button at any time to automatically calculate percentages, and then keep counting as high as 999 TOTAL cells. Function (FUN) button can be used to adjust the contrast and to monitor the battery energy.

These buttons also make mistakes easy to correct – just push the +/- button to subtract the count, and then push the same button again to keep counting.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Small footprint on lab bench
  • Pictures and names of blood cells next to each button
  • 3-digit LCD window for each button and the total count
  • Audible click sound on each touch to confirm the count
  • Audible short beep when 100 cells are counted


  • 9 3-digit LCD windows (8 for cells and 1 for total amount)
  • 4 function buttons (+/-, %, RESET, FUN)
  • +/- button to increase or decrease the count
  • Percentage button for any-time percentage calculations
  • RESET to clear all counts
  • FUN to adjust the contrast and monitor battery energy
  • Power adapter: 100/240vAC 50/60Hz input ; 3.3vDC 1.2amp output
  • Can operate on battery power (2 AA batteries)

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For more information about the LW Scientific Differential Counter – 8 key and other new differential counters we offer, dial 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com. Visit our online store to check out our extensive product line.