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LW Scientific, (LWS) established in 1994, is engaged in the design, product development, manufacture, and distribution of quality lab equipment. Since its inception, LW Scientific has provided laboratory and scientific products ranging from microscopes microscopes to fiber optic illumination to high resolution single-chip video products. Their corporate headquarters is located in the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

LW Scientific Microscopes

and Centrifuges

Being a company dedicated to supplying good value laboratory equipment, Block Scientific is happy to provide educational, laboratory and medical microscopes and centrifuges from LW Scientific.

i-101 Inverted Infinity Trinoc Microscope

i-101 Inverted Infinity Trinoc Microscope performs intricate and varied applications for vital tissue culture. Includes 4x, 10x phase, 20x phase, and 40x Infinity Plan objectives. These are perfect for observation and education, or for professional research in a clinical lab. Also available with mechanical stage.

LW Scientific E8 Centrifuge

The 8-place LW Scientific E8 is an economical fixed speed centrifuge designed to fit any budget. This unit accommodates most test tubes from 3ml-15ml. The wide stance eliminates wobble, while the suction-cupped feet prevent slipping. The brushless motor (110V only) is virtually maintenance-free and the lid port allows easy viewing of specimens while in use.

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